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Sculpture, Bronze, Pastels
A fine art bronze and pastel sculptor, Peggy Kauffman is internationally known for her portraits of both animals and people.  To date, she has completed over seventy-five bronze commissioned portraits in bronze alone.  The myraid hours she spends working on each wax or clay sculpture prior to fabricating a mold for casting allows her to give the attention to detail necessary to render the soul of a subject. 

Peggy has recently illustrated two published books:
          The Fox's Morning - Anne McIntosh
          Clayton in the Moonlight - Jessi McQuilkin 

Her past and present subjects include: human, equine, canine, feline, cattle, deer, and llamas.  She studied at Bennett College in Millbrook, New York, and at the Maryland Institute in Baltimore.  She lives in Millerton, New York.  To memorialize a child or a pet contact Peggy at  pkauffman186@optimum.net
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